Ernie Banks 500th Home Run was a defining moment for all Cub Fans.

This in-depth Documentary of Fergie Jenkins swan song season on his first go round with the Cubs is perhaps the most vivid illustration of the golden Leo Durocher era that exists on dil. Key moment – Cub icons doing some off season Moose hunting in Canada.

Harry gets philosophical and a bit melancholy as he signs off on the final day of the 1991 season. Maddux throws a complete game, watch Grace, Dunston congratulate him. Good stuff!

It was Cincinnati vs. the Yankees… Check out how loosey-goosey the players are as they warm up. When it was a game indeed!

Jethro and Ellie May BOTH impress Leo Durocher (again!) with their pitching prowess… One of the best episodes of the golden era sitcom Beverly Hillbillies.

A note of interest, Durocher in all three sitcom episodes (Mr. Ed, Munsters as well) portrays the L.A. Dodgers manager, a post he never actually held.
This is the ENTIRE EPISODE … A real treat!

It’s both painful and nostalgic to watch – but go ahead!


This kick-ass mash-up of the classic MUNSTERS episode with Herman at bat in a under the watchful eye of Ex-CUBS manager Leo Durocher is creatively intercut with BUGS BUNNY in his prime as a crafty pitcher.

Don’t be frightened by the sight of Dennis Lamp on the hill (and you think Edwin Jackson is bad??) … This iconic 70’s Cub game shows the good, bad and ugly of a colorful era in Chicago baseball futility.