The Zen of Cubdom…   

February 20, 2015

In Buddhism there is a primer.

It’s called ‘The Four Noble Truths’. The first is ‘Dukkha’, which means that all things in our existence are temporary; therefore unsatisfying.

The second is that we crave that which is temporary, therefore we are constantly being ‘reborn’. Unless we end ‘Dukkha’, we will continuously be reborn.

Samsara, the wheel of life, is the endless cycle of birth/death/rebirth. And unless you learn from your existence you are essentially doomed to repeat it. You must end ‘Dukkha’, and therefore you will not be reborn.

Now, how you end it is by acting decently; this is when you get into the Eightfold Noble Path and such and we’re not here to teach Buddhist philosophy.

But what we ARE here is to put the notion of winning- that most ephemeral of temporary conditions- into context. And that is by understanding LOSING.

This, we humbly submit, is what baseball- and most notably CUB baseball has taught us all though their history of ignominy.

We win by understanding loss.

And by NOT clinging to it, either. This brings us the subject at hand. The Cubs have been THE synonym for losing for so long that if you travel the four corners of the world- and we have- you learn two things from their natives.

One, the Yankees mean ‘winning’, and two, the Cubs stand for LOSING. Third World backwaters where the locals have never heard of any contemporary pop culture laugh when the Cubs are mentioned.

The world understands losing, you can bet on it.

So, the team now stands at a precipice. They want to be just like everybody else. Win a championship every now and then.

And this just may happen fairly soon.

Are your prepared? What will the world do- what will YOU do- when this synonym for losing becomes a symbol of success?

Will it shake your world?

We will attempt to put this all in a perspective, using the cosmic analogies of the ancients. Coupled with our loaded opinions, of course.

It will be quite a ride, and somebody needs to mentor those mired in the ‘Dukkha’ of clinging to that which is impermanent, in this case seemingly endless losing. Conversely, we don’t want a World Championship to be mistaken for The Rapture, either.

Life is about losing. Dying is losing.

Unless, of course, you learn the right lessons, and baseball- Cub baseball- serves as a nice tutorial, and we have been both selected- and self elected-  to be your counselors going forward.

Hey, it’s a tough job, SOMEBODY has to do it, and it’s better if it’s us…