October 25, 2017

Wednesday, 25 October:

OK, so perhaps some of you lost interest as soon as the Cubs were eliminated.

But this is short sighted if you call yourself a true fan of the team.  The Cubs, who are currently the sin qua non of the major leagues need to look forwards, not backwards. Keep in mind this Dodger juggernaut -and it is exactly that- hasn’t been in the Series since 1988.

That was before half of the team was born.  Reagan was still president. The top four hit songs, were by Whitney Houston, George Harrison, Michael Jackson and Michael Hutchence of INXS.  They have all passed on, by the way.

Houston made one trip. The team on the South Side wiped them out in four straight in the lowest rated series in history.

It’s they who have something to prove, not the Cubs.

That said, the whole key here is to return to the postseason, and to develop a philosophy that envelopes the entire organization. Watching these two excellent clubs will help Cub fans understand just what the team needs to do going forward.

Tuesday’s 3-1 Dodger victory was basically a Clayton Kershaw masterpiece; he struck out 11 of the most difficult people in the majors to strike out. Houston led the majors in fewest strikeouts, which was no accident.

They led the majors just two years ago. They went out and obtained and/or drafted players who made contact. But when you run into Kershaw on a night where it is all working, well, you tip your cap and come back the next day ready to play.

The Dodgers? They only struck out five times, and took a pair of walks. One of them, by the out of nowhere Chris Taylor, who homered earlier, was the winning run via another home run by Justin Wilson.

Taylor, who came into the 2017 season with one career home run, hit 21 during the season and 3 more this post season, including a 477 foot first pitch bomb off of starter and loser Dallas Keuchel.

Everyone knows they make these guys pee in cups randomly, but perhaps Taylor should have a 24 hour detective tail on him as well; seeing a 27 year old career stringer develop Barry Bonds bat speed all of a sudden sure is curious.

Whatever. Just pointing out strangeness when it presents itself.

The net result, a 3-1 loss that Houston has nothing to be ashamed of, should be an abject lesson for the Cubs.  When they lost during the postseason, they really lost. Unfocused, sloppy play and awful at bats were commonplace.

You aren’t seeing that here.

So, when the local scribes, most of whom’s real baseball experience ended with ‘T ball’ at 7 years old, tell you that the team just needs to sign every expensive free agent pitcher and still save money to sign all of their ‘core’ players, toss that analysis into the trash basket.

The Cubs will have to break them up for a myriad of reasons. One is to trade for what they need; Kyle Schwarber will net them a hell of a lot more than you might think, and Two is to get some balance and discipline in the lineup.

Change is good, embrace it…


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