About Us

This site is dedicated to the quest for a Major League Baseball World Championship on the North Side of the City of Chicago. It is also a quest for critical honesty in assessing talent and performance of – players and management – that drive the engine. No nonsense. Nothing warm and cuddly. The antithesis of everything written on the Chicago Cubs. Just objective reporting and analysis for the sole purpose of improving the team and organization. In other words adopting an approach commonplace with other championship caliber MLB teams  – that leave this organization in the dust year after year. We’re not trying to curry favor with the media, the organization, or even the fanbase. Rather, offer an intelligent, uncensored, alternative perspective all but invisible in the present climate.

Pollyannas need not apply.  If you sincerely care about bringing a Championship to the Chicago Cubs in your lifetime: Join the Revolution! … Can you dig it?!! ……..

Yes, there is controversy caused by this site. As you might imagine the local Powers That Be are not enthused with anyone questioning their brilliance. This site has only ONE overriding concern, and that is to WIN. If we’re wrong- and these inside machinations lead to a Championship- we will GLADLY admit our errors.

If not- and with over 100 years of futility and feckless leadership we have history on our side- then perhaps this could prove the last straw and fans will finally awaken and demand the change that is needed.

ALL editorializations presented here are to be viewed within this framework…